As stipulated by European law, you have certain rights as the user of this website. You can demand if and which data we store about you, or you can ask us to delete everything we have or know about you.

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Privacy policy

Privacy and security

We collect personal information. But only if you want to arrange an appointment. We understand that the data we collect is sensitive and that you don’t want to share this with just anybody. Below we give all the necessary information why we collect this data.


All data that you trust us with, will be handled in the most secure possible way.

What we do with your data

We use your information, that we collect on the appointment page for one reason: to be able to contact you and arrange an appointment.

We ask a bit more information concerning:

  • Kind of problem
  • Previous treatments
  • Previous examinations
  • Medication
  • Allergies

This to better estimate the situation of you as a patient. You are not obliged to fill this in. But be aware that we can give you a better service by giving as much information as possible.

What we don’t do with your data

We will not sell your data to a third party.

Do you want to check, edit or delete your data?

Do you want to check, adapt or delete the data that we store? On this page you’ll be able to request:

  1. Request to view your data
    You will receive an email address listing all the information we store from you, collected to that email address. If you want to edit some of this information, please contact us directly.
  2. Request to delete your data
    You have the right to delete all the information we store from you. By handing in this request, you will receive an email listing all the information and a button to delete your personal data. Please be aware that your data will be deleted permanently.

Cookie policy

We use cookies (and similar techniques) to personalize your visit. With these cookies, we and third parties can follow your internet behaviour within our website and collect information. We only use cookies to collect this information about
you when you have accepted them on the website.